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What clients say

"Care2 has been a valuable partner in recent years, enabling NPCA to more than triple our activist outreach."

-Tom Kiernan
Executive Director
National Parks Conservation Association

In 2001 Care2 created, which since then
has become one of the biggest hubs for activism on the web.

Our roots are in online activism, and over the past decade
we've learned how to optimize that strategy for maximum effect.

At over 100 million signatures, we've got some impressive numbers, not only with Care2's millions of core members, but also through the immense reach of our wider 150 million person audience that sees our petitions every month through our extensive Media Partner Network.

Care2 is the largest social action network on the web. No other petition site comes even close for sheer volume and member engagement. It is particularly effective at advancing nonprofit advocacy goals. While every Care2 recruitment campaign includes delivery of your petition signatures free of charge, Care2 has even more tools that can further your advocacy campaigns.


Care2 Media Partner Network
One benefit of using Care2’s donor lead recruitment campaigns is the huge extra reach and visibility that your branded campaign will receive – at no extra charge – by virtue of Care2’s Media Partner Network. This group of more than 250 partners – including Mother Jones, Grist, Ms. Magazine, Treehugger, Daily Kos, ThirdAge, Technorati and CaféMom – promotes Care2 campaigns extensively via their websites and email messages to an additional 150 million unique citizens every month. (That’s over and above Care2’s own website traffic and membership of 20+ million people!) And Care2’s partner network continues to grow all the time.



If your organization does not make advocacy a part of your mission, that's okay. At Care2 we've ultimately found that there are always passionate people who are willing to respond to a good cause. So even if you're not lobbying for landmark legislation, a simple yet meaningful call to action will still appeal to our members and bring curious supporters to your doorstep. These softer appeals, which we call 'pledges,' are also popular on Care2. Our educational Care2 Daily Action is a great example of how wildly popular a pledge can be.