Presented by:
Beth Kanter, Zoetica
Allison Fine, Demos
Jocelyn Harmon, Care2
Marc Sirkin, Autism Speaks
Danielle Brigida, National Wildlife Federation
Bath Kanter of Zoetica
Allison Fine, Demos
Jocelyn Harmon of Care2

"Enough about you.
Let's talk about ME!"

Is this how your organization interacts with your supporters? Telling them about the intricacies of your own work and programming —instead of listening and responding to the ideas bubbling up from the communities in which your supporters participate?

In The Networked Nonprofit: Connecting With Social Media To Drive Change, co-authors Beth Kanter and Allison Fine show how social media is catalyzing a shift away from this type of “organization-centric” advocacy, governance and communications toward a “network-centric” approach.

What you'll learn:

  • How to understand social networks through social network analysis
  • How to create a social culture at your nonprofit
  • How and why you must value relationships as well as transactions
  • How to embrace experimentation, and work with crowds
  • How to break out of those troublesome silos

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