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What clients say

"Care2 has been a valuable partner in recent years, enabling NPCA to more than triple our activist outreach."

-Tom Kiernan
Executive Director
National Parks Conservation Association

What clients say

"When we need to reach a large sympathetic audience quickly, we contact Care2. Their team is responsive, prompt, and has an amazing ability to mobilize their members for our campaigns. And once their members have become Greenpeace activists, they tend to remain engaged, active, and very responsive to our issues."

-Phil Radford
Field Director
Greenpeace USA

Recruiting new members and donors is critical to the survival of all nonprofits. Like all small businesses, charitable organizations must find new donors or die!

This is where Care2 comes in.

Since 1998, we’ve helped more than 1000 nonprofits acquire new donors and members online. Check out some of our case studies to see how we can help your nonprofit achieve its fundraising and advocacy goals.


How Care2 Works:

  • After signing an agreement with Care2, our campaigners work with you to determine the best messaging and format for your campaign.
  • We do all the work to create, launch, track and report on your campaign.
  • We deliver new subscribers who have asked to subscribe to your email list.

Read more about our recruitment methodology!

In short, we try to make your experience of working with us as PAINLESS as possible!


Contact us now to start recruiting new donor-leads for your organization!

Additional Guarantees:

With Care2 you:

  • Never receive duplicate supporters.
    We provide full and FREE suppression for all campaigns! -- By comparing our signups with your member database, we ensure that none of the Care2 members we recruit for you were already in your database. You get new, unique supporters, every time.
  • Gain more exposure for your campaign and cause.
    We will promote your campaign across our 250+ media partner network, which includes great sites like Huffington Post, Talking Points Memo, Mother Jones, Café Mom, MTV, Alternet and more.
  • Get your new subscribers fast and save time.
    If you use Convio software as your constituent relationship management database we can recruit new subscribers for you in real-time with our Convio and Salsa Databridges. This means you can message your new recruits fast and you won’t have to fiddle with manual files.


When you work with Care2, you get a ton of branding and exposure among our 20+ million members. But you only pay when a Care2 member subscribes to your list. This is called, Cost Per Lead or CPL advertising. Call us today for specific pricing for your next national or local campaign!