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"Care2 has been a valuable partner in recent years, enabling NPCA to more than triple our activist outreach."

-Tom Kiernan
Executive Director
National Parks Conservation Association

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Care2 Featured Nonprofit

Our Cause Channels are the Grand Central Station of activism on Care2.

Our 16 cause channels (including ones for UK-specific and Canada-specific issues), see a flurry of activity on our site as members seek to educate themselves on issues and take action on the ones that matter most. Put your organization in the spotlight on your respective cause channel for a day, a week, or a full month, allowing your work to be featured prominently alongside the daily buzz of the site. We'll even broadcast your message through Care2's Twitter and RSS feeds for the duration of your campaign.




Blogging on Care2's Cause Channels

Are you looking to be heard in a big way?

Care2's Cause Channels attract more than one million unique visitors each month, and many of our stories get hundreds (even thousands!) of heartfelt comments from our engaged members. Chances are that many of our Care2 citizens are interested in hearing about your organization and your stories. You can connect with this big audience in an intimate way, by submitting a featured blog post that we display across our cause channel network, where Care2's cause-conscious members are free to read, comment, and share your story.


Next Action Page

Ask any of our members: taking action is addictive.

A screenshot of Care2's Next Action Page

After a Care2 member starts doing good, they want opportunities to continue. Would you like your nonprofit action to be the first they see and act on? Care2's Next Action Page presents our activist members with a quick opportunity to continue doing good, alerting them to new actions and allowing them to sign on to your campaign--and sign up for your email list--right away.

By entering into this streamlined service, your campaign becomes part of a virtuous circle of goodness whereby our members take notice and take action.


Care2 Daily Action

We also direct traffic straight from the homepage with the Care2 Daily Action.
Thousands of Care2's super-activists make a daily ritual of taking this action, and as such it represents a front-row branding experience among a segment of Care2's most loyal members. The Care2 Daily Action routinely drives more than 3,000 people per day to clients' websites, with tens of thousands of additional Care2 members and site visitors encountering the client's branding and content. The Care2 Daily Action email alert reaches over 250,000 Care2 members each day and is featured above the fold on Care2's homepage each day, and offers a fresh invitation for our members to take a simple, educational action--take your quiz; visit your website; 'Like' your Facebook page; vote for you, or affirm support for your cause.

An example of the Care2 Daily Action. Click to see what today's action is!

Does your organization have a program you want to highlight?

Or a social issue that you want to be associated with?

Or an honorary day or event that you'd like to build attention around?

The Care2 Daily Action is a perfect solution to many of these branding challenges, and can be utilized on its own or as part of any Care2 campaign.



Databridge for Convio or Salsa

Does your nonprofit use Convio or Salsa for your online constituent relationship management (eCRM)?


If so, your recruitment campaign with Care2 can be optimized for automated, same-day delivery of your freshest recruits, and best of all -- at no extra cost. Simple setup is all that is required for you to implement this offering.

Our Databridge products for Convio and Salsa allow you to tightly integrate your Care2 recruitment campaign with your Convio or Salsa CRM, making it possible for you to immediately welcome your newest supporters--a best practice that is shown to have measurable results for supporter engagement and donor conversion. Automated delivery also frees up valuable staff time and resources while eliminating the potential for human error when importing new records.