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What clients say

"When we need to reach a large sympathetic audience quickly, we contact Care2. Their team is responsive, prompt, and has an amazing ability to mobilize their members for our campaigns. And once their members have become Greenpeace activists, they tend to remain engaged, active, and very responsive to our issues."

-Phil Radford
Field Director
Greenpeace USA

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Not your typical social network.
As you might expect, Care2's "Do-Gooder" members are more serious about causes and nonprofit organizations than those found on other social networks. Why? Because Care2 possesses a unique trait that other online communities lack: a like-minded community with shared values and a real purpose for learning and taking action.

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Aged to perfection.
At an average age of 39, Care2 members tend to be more mature than those found on larger commercial networks like Facebook and MySpace, and have both the educational interest and financial capacity to support those nonprofit causes that are important to them.


Positively attractive.
By its very nature, acts like a magnet for the very people nonprofits are seeking.  For the last 12 years we've worked with our members to carve out a distinct online niche for cause-conscious people who value deep engagement on causes and issues.


The tens of million of members of Care2 are a passionate bunch.  Predominantly female, well-educated, middle class, and civically active both on and offline, our members spend time on the Care2 site each day taking action--posting articles, answering polls and quizzes, commenting on blogs, and creating and signing petitions--to help make the world a better place.


Findable. Fundamentally.

Massive commercial networks like Facebook and Twitter have much larger membership, but such viral popularity comes at a cost: their audience is diluted and becomes far more difficult to target when trying to find the right people (ie. those most likely to support your cause).


Many of our members choose to deepen their commitment to their favorite causes by supporting the nonprofits they learn about on Care2.  So many in fact, that Care2 has over the past 14 years helped more than 1,000 nonprofit organizations recruit millions of supporters--constituents who often prove to be the most loyal donors, volunteers, and advocates of those nonprofits and their missions.



Poised to take action.

Care2 members are a passionate bunch with active lives both online and offline.  Just how active, you ask?  Peek at these results from an independent member survey and decide for yourself.



Whether it be voting in a local election, volunteering at school, or giving to charity, Care2 members prove their dedication to the causes they care about each and every day.