Presented by:
George Ford, The Foundation Center
Adele Douglass, Humane Farm Animal Care
Eric Rardin, Care2
George Ford of The Foundation Center
Adele Douglass of Humane Farm Animal Care
Eric Rardin of Care2

Online advocacy is the cornerstone of many nonprofit’s online fundraising strategy. Advocacy helps you recruit new committed supporters and keep your existing supporters engaged.

But how do you get started building a program, especially if most of your funding comes from foundation grants?

Find out how some nonprofits are making the case to foundations that funding online outreach is a great investment.

Join Care2 and the Foundation Center for our webinar on getting foundations to fund online outreach and advocacy campaigns, and grow your base of online donors in the process.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How to make the case to foundations to support your online outreach and advocacy efforts
  • How to find funders most likely to support online outreach and advocacy
  • How to maximize the long term value of the grant you receive to the organization

Learn how to use advocacy to help your
organization improve its fundraising.

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