Presented by:
Peter Genuardi, SpotRight
Heather Shelby, EDF
Justin Perkins, Care2
Peter Genuardi of SpotRight
Heather Shelby of Environmental Defense Fund
Justin Perkins of Care2

We all know that email is the main driver of value for multi-channel marketing for nonprofits.

You've likely spent a lot of time and effort to build a large community on social networks.

BUT, how many of us are truly integrating social marketing and direct response to get the most out of both?

Join three leading nonprofit marketing experts as we explore some of the latest strategies for milking the most value out of your email list and social media communities.

"How to Milk It: So You've Got A Sizable Email List and Lots of Fans on Social Networks...Now what?"

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Socially profile your email audience
  • Define and capitalize your influencers on campaigns and public relations
  • Improve the targeting and content of your social ad investments
  • Listen to what people are saying online, remarket to them, and improve your campaign results



You need to integrate your marketing.
Learn how you can MILK IT!

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