Presented by:
Harvey McKinnon, Harvey McKinnon Associates
Teva Harrison, Nature Conservancy of Canada
Ryann Miller, Care2
Harvey McKinnon of Harvey McKinnon Associates
Teva Harrison of Nature Conservancy, Canada
Ryann Miller of Care2

Want to find a new, stable source of income that also works as a loyalty booster to existing donors?


This webinar covers everything you want -- and need -- to know about monthly giving.

Harvey McKinnon and Teva Harrison join us to discuss why to have a monthly giving program and what it means for donor loyalty, the fundamental elements of all good monthly programs, and to share secrets, tips and best practices on how to find, keep and love these valuable donors.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • What metrics to look for in a monthly program (eg. typical conversion rates, retention rates)
  • How to invite them, what to say, how often to say it
  • When to use direct mail and when to use the phone to convert and upgrade
  • Great examples from an organization with years of expertise in cultivating these valuable donors



Do you need regular, loyal donors?
You've just found the holy grail...

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