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What clients say

“This was a great opportunity to integrate the Care2 audience into our client’s fan base on Facebook. These are people that are already engaged in social networking for causes, so it made perfect sense to ask them to “Like” a nonprofit page at a very competitive cost. Now, we are seeing a more active Facebook fan base, with daily comments, sharing, conversation – and, most importantly, an increased connection to the nonprofit.”

-Chelsea Whitaker
Account Manager

Facebook Likes for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations — especially those with a solid email strategy — stand ready to explore the ever increasing potential of Facebook as an additional engagement channel, with the exponential exposure it offers.

Care2 Facebook Likes Ad for Walk Free
Nonprofits recognize the potential of Facebook:

  • users are increasingly using it as a source for updates and news from their favorite organizations
  • it offers new opportunities for exposure & social sharing
  • it represents another channel to build recognition and outreach for your cause

With a wider audience, organizations can demonstrate the popularity of their nonprofit brand while interacting with a new collection of constituents.

But the capacity to influence and engage social network users through this new channel poses a familiar challenge: How do you build an audience of sufficient critical mass? And is it possible to do it Quickly? Affordably? And without ignoring Quality?

The lead generation and outreach experts at Care2 know all this is possible, and we have an exciting service to meet this need: Facebook Likes for Nonprofits.


What's not to Facebook Like Button ?

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How it works:

  • Your organization decides how many thousands of new Likes you want!
  • Care2‘s experts do all the work creating and promoting your campaign. We target our own fans and reach out to their friends and other cause-minded folks on Facebook, and we promote with specific placements across the network of sites (which can include featured blogs, daily actions, display ads, and more) all increasing your organization's visibility while rapidly building your fan base.
  • Just as with our popular donor-lead recruitment campaigns, you only pay for performance, with a low fixed price per Like. And because your new fans are sourced from Care2’s millions of members — along with our own Facebook fans and likeminded networks — you can be assured that we’ll reach your goal quickly, without sacrificing quality.