Presented by:
Alex Stanton, Blue State Digital
Taryn Rosenkranz, New Blue Interactive
Eric Rardin, Care2
Alex Stanton of Blue State Digital
Taryn Rosenkranz of New Blue Interactive
Eric Rardin of Care2

Grow your donor base using online outreach!

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Electoral campaigns are important incubators of new techniques and tactics in online fundraising and organizing.

From Barack Obama's campaign to the thousands of state and local races across the country, campaigners are relentlessly testing new approaches and refining proven tactics in online fundraising and social media to gain an edge over their rivals -- and in some cases to make history.

Watch this webinar to hear from two experts who are working in the heart of Campaign 2012.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • New tactics for acquiring and converting online donor leads
  • How the role of email is changing in online outreach and fundraising
  • Best Practices in social media engagement