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What clients say

"When we need to reach a large sympathetic audience quickly, we contact Care2. Their team is responsive, prompt, and has an amazing ability to mobilize their members for our campaigns. And once their members have become Greenpeace activists, they tend to remain engaged, active, and very responsive to our issues."

-Phil Radford
Field Director
Greenpeace USA

With more than 20 million members, the Care2 community is a powerful force that can be quickly mobilized to make a sizeable impact for your organization.  Whether you are looking to drive traffic to your own landing page, increase the awareness of your organization around a particular issue, gather thousands of new online fans and followers, or win the next online voting contest -- all these goals can be achieved by channeling the energies of our pre-qualified audience toward your organization.


Traffic Driving Campaigns
Care2's massive audience is at the ready to bring a surge of qualified traffic to your:
• website landing page
• Facebook page
• nonprofit contest page
• online shop


How do we do it?
How does Care2 effectively drive thousands of new visitors to your doorstep? Through the use of shepherded emails from a trusted Care2 campaigner.
The familiarity of the Care2 brand provides our members with a comfortable introduction to your organization along with our support of your good work, through which we encourage them to take an action on your behalf.


Popular examples of Care2's traffic driving campaigns include:

Natural disaster response - when tragedy strikes, Care2 members open their hearts and look for ways to support the relief efforts.  From Hurricane Katrina to the Haiti earthquake, to the Japanese tsunami -- Care2 helped organizations like Save The Children, International Medical Corps, and ASPCA find new supporters and donors to aid the people (and animals) that were worst-affected.


Need Facebook 'Likes'? Twitter Followers? Care2's cause-conscious audience can rally to your fan page and help grow your social network popularity quickly and cost-effectively. Care2 members clicking in mass numbers can give you a thousand new friends in a single day.


Online contests - do you need a large volume of votes to win the next big social network contest? Participants in Facebook contests like Chase Community Giving and Pepsi Refresh need thousands of votes to become finalists and winners. Becoming a finalist not only leads to big brand awareness for your organization, but often can mean large dollar prize grants as well. Care2 stands ready with a fire hose of traffic to help drive contest participation, build your brand, and win.


 How are traffic-driving campaigns priced?

Our chaperoned emails are priced by CPM (cost per thousand emails sent), and includes the high-quality targeting of our audience (by both member interest and past activity) that is built into every Care2 campaign. This means that your organization can reach thousands of potential new and compatible supporters for the lowest possible cost. This differs from the CPL (Cost Per Lead) pricing that we use for our guaranteed Supporter Recruitment/Lead Generation campaigns.


For those organizations that prefer a measurable alternative, we also offer CPC (Cost Per Click) campaigns, where the cost of the campaign is determined by the number of Care2 supporters that click through to your landing page. This is a similar model to the one used by Google and Facebook for their advertising. It differs from our CPL campaigns in that only the click is guaranteed (not the actual signup), yet it offers a more measurable impact for your campaign than volume CPM email pricing.


Care2 Daily Action

We also direct traffic straight from the homepage with the Care2 Daily Action.
Thousands of Care2's super-activists make a daily ritual of taking this action, and as such it represents a front-row branding experience among a segment of Care2's most loyal members. The Care2 Daily Action routinely drives more than 3,000 people per day to clients' websites, with tens of thousands of additional Care2 members and site visitors encountering the client's branding and content. The Care2 Daily Action email alert reaches over 250,000 Care2 members each day and is featured above the fold on Care2's homepage each day, and offers a fresh invitation for our members to take a simple, educational action--take your quiz; visit your website; 'Like' your Facebook page; vote for you, or affirm support for your cause.

An example of the Care2 Daily Action. Click to see what today's action is!

Does your organization have a program you want to highlight?

Or a social issue that you want to be associated with?

Or an honorary day or event that you'd like to build attention around?

The Care2 Daily Action is a perfect solution to many of these branding challenges, and can be utilized on its own or as part of any Care2 campaign.