Presented by:
Jason Mogus, Communicopia
Michael Silberman, Greenpeace
Justin Perkins, Care2
Jason Mogus of Communicopia
Michael Silberman of Greenpeace
Justin Perkins of Care2

The right structure and leadership for your digital/online team will impact your performance online more than any other initiative you will undertake.

So how do you know if you have a dysfunctional digital/online team?

What are the different models for how organizations manage digital, and which are the most effective for today's multi-channel world? Finally, what are the most common patterns and challenges facing digital teams across the non-profit sector?

In this webinar, longtime digital leaders share their learnings from working across dozens of digital teams in multiple sectors. They share--for the first time with the public--the most significant results from their digital team structure survey for the non-profit sector conducted by Communicopia over summer 2011.

Discover these new insights:

  • 5 Dysfunctions of a Digital Team
  • 4 Models of Successfully Managing Digital
  • Leadership expectations for digital teams
  • # of properties digital teams manage

Are you invested in your digital team?
Learn why this is smart for multichannel.

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