Meet the Presenters:
Jonathan Purchase, Engaging Networks
Molly Brooks, Greenpeace UK
Eric Rardin, Care2
Jonathan Purchase of Engaging Networks
Molly Brooks of Greenpeace UK
Eric Rardin of Care2

Online campaigners are an increasingly important source of new donors for many organisations.

How can your organisation rapidly grow its base of online campaigners, and effectively convert them into donors?

Watch this free webinar to learn how Greenpeace UK, leveraging tools provided by Engaging Networks, and multichannel donor outreach, has excelled in turning campaigners into campaigning donors:

"Converting Online Campaigners into Donors"

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Keys for bringing people into the fold through powerful email messaging
  • Ways to deepen campaigner engagement and commitment
  • Tactics for converting donors online and offline
  • Listen to what people are saying online, remarket to them, and improve your campaign results



Convert your Online Campaigners
into Campaigner Donors!

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