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Ramp Up Fundraising & Monthly Giving with Social Media

Last week, Care2 held another great webinar about the benefits of cross-channel integration for nonprofits featuring Paul Habig of Sankynet, Sarah Alexander of Food & Water Watch, and Care2's own Eric Rardin.

Why should your organization integrate its donor channels?

-Increases donor response rate
-Increases the average gift
-Increases the long-term value of donors

Sankynet's Paul Habig provides tips for how to build social media into your email and website to spread your message, and how to identify the people on your email list that are on Facebook without annoying them. Food & Water Watch's Sarah Alexander sums up 10 key steps that your organization can take to launch an effective, well-integrated fundraising campaign.

For more tips like these, listen to the web recording here or view the slides below.

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Do Discounted Memberships Bring In the Money?

A new study from M+R Strategic Services in conjunction with Andy Stocking investigates the effects of discounted membership rates on long-term giving rates. In the first part of the study over a year ago, M+R shared that when the nonprofit in their study reduced membership rates in a discount from $35 to $25 for new members, a comparable amount of money was raised, but from a larger number of new members.

There were a number of interesting takeaways from the earlier part of the study including the following:
  •  If you’re offering a discount, say it’s a discount.
  • When it comes to past donor-activists, run a test before you decide to offer them a discount membership.
  • Fundraise from your activist-only list. This is an important point because a recent study by Blackbaud showed that activists are seven times more likely to donate, compared to supporters who did not previously take an online action for the organization.
  • Experiment!  Just because you’ve asked for $20 from new donors for the past decade doesn’t mean it’s still the best amount to ask for today.
Reflecting on the first phase of the study Marc Ruben admitted that important questions remained:
“Of course, we haven’t answered the elephant-in-the-room questions. Will the bargain-hunters renew their memberships next year at the normal level? How will the discount membership affect their future donations?”

Well with 18 months later, the verdict is in. “Supporters who donated in response to the discounted membership offer performed identically to those who gave to the standard membership offer.”... “And since the discount offer generated more donors, it raised 11 percent more in the long term.”

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