The More You Know, the More You Raise.

Knowing your donor means knowing what they want from your organization and letting them get to know you.  A variety of strategies are being used to accomplish these goals. Allowing for donors to have online personal profiles kills two birds with one stone (suggested by Sheeraz Haji in his article, They're Doing What?).

Not only can they update their own contact information, but it is also an open outlet on which they can submit information about themselves. The information collected could give great assistance towards understanding who your donors are and what they are interested in.

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IPDI Extends Generous Discount to Readers of Frogloop


Is your Web site just a pretty face?  ...or can it pack a real communications, grassroots, and advocacy punch?

IPDI's annual Politics Online conference is a great place to find out!  Lucky for you, IPDI is offering readers of frogloop a very generous discount for attending the conference

Here's the scoop: 

    Where: Washington, DC
    When: March 15-16
    Cost: Special discount of - $250

    Friends of Frogloop discount code: polc031507

Here's some info on the event... 

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3.5 Billion Mobile Phones Can't Be Wrong.

Source: Flickr Creative Commons. By powerbooktrance

It looks like text messaging is here to stay.  Sure, costs are still high and while it's difficult to measure ROI, it seems that only major players like Amnesty International, IFAW and Oxfam can pull it off (bigger campaigns achieve better economies of scale).  But with billions of phones in use internationally and increased adoption of mobile messaging by for-profit marketers, the pricing pressure may reduce costs substantially. While mobile messaging won't replace email, it will certainly become an important component of some campaigns. At its current rate of adoption, SMS in particular, is set to become the first major mobile technology to change the landscape of nonprofit communications.  Already used by organizations like Get Out the Vote, the New York State Democratic Committee, and the Republican National Committee, text messaging is becoming one of the easiest and fastest ways to reach people. For stats on text messaging usage see Jordan's article.

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Low Cost Email List Management

Our friend Colin Delany recently posted an excellent review of low cost email list mangement tools on his epolitics blog.  He's identified 12 of the top resources and he's even included some summary notes to help guide you along the way.


Plenty of Praise: The Power of a Shared Mission

plenty_mag_logo.jpgSuppose you care about the environment but you want some company.  You want to feel like you're part of a larger community.  Where do you go to find that community?  For Ted Casselman, Cindy Minde and millions more, the answer was found online.  Take a look at this interesting article from Plenty Magazine to learn more.

In case you haven't heard of it, Plenty is devoted to the "green revolution." Offering a digital version of the magazine is just one of the ways they practice what they preach. True to their mission, for the print edition they use 30% post consumer recycled paper and 70% sustainably harvested wood pulp. 


Party With Care2

Thanks for joining us at the Care2 Open House Party!  We had a blast and we hope you enjoyed yourself and met some cool people.

If you liked the food at the open house, you can thank Blair Cirlin and her team at Fresh Start Catering, a nonprofit service of D.C. Central Kitchen. If you liked the music, you can thank Justin, because it was his idea! But seriously, Mariachi Los Toros can be reached at Photography was provided by the very talented Joe Shymanski, a local artist who also features his work at Eastern Market.

I was very honored to be able to share such good times with you all. If you have any suggestions for ways to make our next open house even more enjoyable, please don't hesitate to let me know. I welcome your feedback.


Do Email Silences Matter?

My good friend Eve Fox over at M+R just gave me the heads up about an article she and her colleague Karen Matheson  wrote called "Do Email Silences Matter?".  Though the sample size is small, which they readily admit, the article goes a long way to quantify the damage done by lapses in constituent e-mail communication, something I hadn't seen before.  Below are the key paragraphs summarizing the results.

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