Update to the Job Board Listings

I recently attended the American University internship and job fair.  I was so impressed with the students and the faculty that I can't wait to return for the next event.  It was a classy event and very well organized to boot.  Some of the job candidates I met asked me what resources I recommend for people who seek jobs at NPOs, so I was motivated to update our Job Board page.  Send me suggestions if you see something missing from the list.

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Fundraising on eBay!

Ever thought of using eBay to boost your fundraising potential?  In their book helpfully titled Fundraising on eBay, Greg Holden and Jill Finlayson lay out tips, tricks and strategies for navigating the quintessential online megamarket for the good of your organization.  A brief review of the book in this week's NonProfit Times points out some key features of successful eBay fundraising.  The approach is simple, user-friendly, and the best part is, with an eBay campaign, not only are you raking in funds to boost your revenue, you're also raising awareness and gaining exposure among loyal e-customers who will help you spread the word.  eBay even provides a Web site for sellers who are selling for non-profits.  So brush up your eBay skills to harness the power of the online auction, and watch hearts and wallets open.  After all, what better antidote is there for online shopper's guilt than those five little words: "It's for a good cause"?  Sounds like a deal to me.


Fish where the fish are!

dma-justin.jpgThe March issue of the DMA Nonprofit Federation Journal features a story from our very own, Justin Perkins (frogloop founder and international fisherman).  Here's an excerpt from his article titled, "Fish Where the Fish Are: A case for Paying Attention to E-mail and Social Networking as an Integral Part of your Strategy"

"As marketing professionals, we need to be in the middle of this cultural reorganizing, and meet people where they are in order to reach the goals of our organizations -- which in most cases for nonprofits is about making the world better.  The new media at our disposal -- which is now interactive, no just one-way broadcasting -- is even more powerful than television, and we need to use it wisely. "

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A Good Day for Care2 in the News

The New York Times ran an article Wednesday about Care2's work titled,  "Spreading Their Gospel on the Web" by Lee Roberts.  Here's an excerpt:

"Web portals like, based in Redwood City, Calif., which began in 1998 and now has more than 6.6 million members, bring together environmentally responsible businesses, nonprofit groups and environmentally aware consumers.

' is kind of the MySpace for adults who care about green issues,' said Randy Paynter, its founder.

At, there are daily calls to action on various issues (animal welfare is popular), news reports, message boards, petitions and many other activities."

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Gulu Walks Through Social Networking

guluwalk.pngPeople are lacing up their sneakers, hitting the pavement and supporting  many worthwhile causes across the world.   AIDS walks, Cancer walks, and many other walks are scheduled across the nation throughout the year.  I would venture to say that nearly everyone has heard of some type of run, walk, or bike ride as a means to fundraise and raise awareness.  Let me ask you this though:  How did you hear about the event?   Sure, word of mouth, traditional print  ads, and local news reports are all terrific ways to spread the word.  However, one organization took a different approach and received terrific support.

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The More You Know, the More You Raise.

Knowing your donor means knowing what they want from your organization and letting them get to know you.  A variety of strategies are being used to accomplish these goals. Allowing for donors to have online personal profiles kills two birds with one stone (suggested by Sheeraz Haji in his article, They're Doing What?).

Not only can they update their own contact information, but it is also an open outlet on which they can submit information about themselves. The information collected could give great assistance towards understanding who your donors are and what they are interested in.

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IPDI Extends Generous Discount to Readers of Frogloop


Is your Web site just a pretty face?  ...or can it pack a real communications, grassroots, and advocacy punch?

IPDI's annual Politics Online conference is a great place to find out!  Lucky for you, IPDI is offering readers of frogloop a very generous discount for attending the conference

Here's the scoop: 

    Where: Washington, DC
    When: March 15-16
    Cost: Special discount of - $250

    Friends of Frogloop discount code: polc031507

Here's some info on the event... 

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