New Trend Emerging in Deceptive List Growth?

Several weeks ago I noticed the first of what might be a growing trend of adding email address to a mailing list without allowing the user to choose whether to opt-in or opt-out of the list.

The first instance of this I noticed was a flash-based online petition being run by a presidential candidate's campaign in a popular site's BlogAds. I had never noticed a "signable" petition in the BlogAds, and signed it to satisfy my curiosity for how it worked. I presumed that after entering my email address and pressing submit I would be taken to a page to complete a form with my name and be given an opt-in/opt-out for the candidates email list. Surprisingly, that did not happen, and I was just thanked for signing the petition right there in the ad. Not surprisingly, I began receiving emails from this candidate.

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Update to the Nonprofit Job Boards Section

I just added two new resources to the Nonprofit Job Boards section.  One came from Erin Carmany of the Feminist Majority Foundation and one came from Jill Murphy of the DMA Nonprofit Federation.  Big thanks to Erin and Jill for sending us the info!


New Feature: Frogloop Nonprofit Events Calendar

Well, I figured out a glitch that's been holding back my publication of the frogloop Nonprofit Conference & Event Calendar. I've wanted to get this out for quite some time, but couldn't get passed a small HTML code glitch. I hope you find the calendar useful.

You can bookmark the calendar view at

I've also added an online submission form for suggesting events.  The idea behind this calendar is to aggregrate events, seminars, webninars and conferences that would appeal to the nonprofit communications professional. Thanks for your input!

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M&R, Convio, Target Nonprofit Online eBenchmark Study

M&R needs no introduction, so I was happy to learn that they have recently released a summary/review of three of the latest online benchmark studies.  One of the studies is by M&R, while the other two are from Convio and DonorDigital/Target Analyis Group.

According to Eve Fox, "the reviews include a summary of the main findings on which all three studies agree, as well as additional points of interest from individual studies."

The summary states that "though the data differs somewhat among the studies, one point is perfectly clear: the Internet is the place for nonprofits to invest!"  The report's optimism stems from the fact that online giving is on the rise, and nonprofits have taken advantage of the internet to respond quickly to breaking news  and opportunities to garner donations.  Growing email lists have also generated a larger number of successful advocacy actions.

The summary also shows that in general, numbers for online donations are nearly double those of offline donations for most organizations.  The demographics of internet donors also mean huge opportunities to increase revenue by targeting your fundraising activities on the internet.

The report elaborates on these findings and provides statistics, tables and encouraging conclusions for all of us in the world of online advocacy.  Be sure to check out this very useful tool for shaping your online marketing efforts.

The summary is available as a .pdf download.


Update to the Job Board Listings

I recently attended the American University internship and job fair.  I was so impressed with the students and the faculty that I can't wait to return for the next event.  It was a classy event and very well organized to boot.  Some of the job candidates I met asked me what resources I recommend for people who seek jobs at NPOs, so I was motivated to update our Job Board page.  Send me suggestions if you see something missing from the list.

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Fundraising on eBay!

Ever thought of using eBay to boost your fundraising potential?  In their book helpfully titled Fundraising on eBay, Greg Holden and Jill Finlayson lay out tips, tricks and strategies for navigating the quintessential online megamarket for the good of your organization.  A brief review of the book in this week's NonProfit Times points out some key features of successful eBay fundraising.  The approach is simple, user-friendly, and the best part is, with an eBay campaign, not only are you raking in funds to boost your revenue, you're also raising awareness and gaining exposure among loyal e-customers who will help you spread the word.  eBay even provides a Web site for sellers who are selling for non-profits.  So brush up your eBay skills to harness the power of the online auction, and watch hearts and wallets open.  After all, what better antidote is there for online shopper's guilt than those five little words: "It's for a good cause"?  Sounds like a deal to me.


Fish where the fish are!

dma-justin.jpgThe March issue of the DMA Nonprofit Federation Journal features a story from our very own, Justin Perkins (frogloop founder and international fisherman).  Here's an excerpt from his article titled, "Fish Where the Fish Are: A case for Paying Attention to E-mail and Social Networking as an Integral Part of your Strategy"

"As marketing professionals, we need to be in the middle of this cultural reorganizing, and meet people where they are in order to reach the goals of our organizations -- which in most cases for nonprofits is about making the world better.  The new media at our disposal -- which is now interactive, no just one-way broadcasting -- is even more powerful than television, and we need to use it wisely. "

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