Despite Newer Technologies, Email Remains Number One

Mobile downloads, embedded video, and search engine optimization marketing might make us all bubbly inside, but a recent report in The McKinsey Quarterly posted on eMarketer showed that good ol' fashioned email was still the most popular digital marketing tool.

A survey of 311 marketing executives found that 83% used email, ahead of display ads, paid keyword search, and branded sponsorship. Furthermore, over half of respondents said they planned to increase their email spending in the next three years. Paid keyword search saw the greatest increase in spending, with email, branded sponsorship and referrals rounding out the top four.

What does this mean for you? For starters, make sure your blasts are readable, that they cut through the noise, and that they aren't labeled spam - it works!


Did You Miss The Online Holiday Fundraising Season?

snowman.jpgAccording to this post “Ring-Cha-Ching, Hear Them Ring” on the blog Email Insider, the retail email holiday season has already begun. In fact, it began in August.
Thankfully for nonprofit fundraisers, most donors aren’t yet in the holiday giving mindset. That means there’s still time to prepare for the end-of-the-year fundraising push.  So what do you need to do to get ready? We asked a variety of online fundraising experts and delved into some key online resources and found some great advice.

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Overbrook Foundation Reports Grantees Don't Know Web 2.0

To date, grantees generally avoid the Web 2.0 tools, at least according to a recent study by The Overbrook Foundation and Allison Fine examining how (and if) grantees were using Web 2.0. 

There are a ton of interesting findings in this report, including:

  • Overall, the grantees are firmly entrenched in the Web 1.0 world, using the Internet for information, not interactivity.
  • Only a small handful of grantees, such as WITNESS, the ACLU, Breakthrough, and WNYC Public Radio, significantly use social media to converse with constituents.
  • Most grantees aren't using even common-place social media tools.  For example, only half of them have blogs, but only half of these groups allow comments on them.
  • Survey respondent and group discussion participants often felt a "common struggle" in understanding which Web 2.0 tools are critically important to their work and were at a loss as to where and how to get help for selecting and using new social media tools.
These findings are intriguing, especially given the recent article by GEO that states grantmakers are beginning to increasingly use the Web 2.0 tools.  Hopefully, both grantmakers and grantees can meet somewhere in the middle of Web 2.0! Web 1.5 anyone?



Online Video: An Interview Revealing Best Practices and Trends

treanor.jpgRecently, I had the opportunity to interview Tim Treanor, Chairman and CEO at Online Video Service, a firm that specializes in video content management for nonprofits.

Tim managed his first political campaign at the age of 20; by 30, he had managed two Congressional victories. He has 20 years of management, public relations and media-development experience, including the production of TV and radio commercials and award-winning rich media websites. At Treanor & Associates, his public affairs and political consulting firm, clients included RealNetworks, The Casey Family Programs and the American Bar Association.

Read on to learn this expert's view on the current state of nonprofits and online video, tips and hints on how to maximize your video's impact, and how much all of this really costs.  

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Second Life: Debunking Myths, Identifying Opportunities

avatar_sabin.jpgAs if the hustle and bustle of real life weren't enough, the booming popularity of Linden Labs's online virtual world phenomenon, Second Life has provided yet another way to put off that big project just a few more hours. 

Second Life isn't just about wasting time, however, nor are its "residents" exclusively teens hunkered down in their parents' basements with Hot Pockets and Red Bulls - there may be real marketing potential for both for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

John Breyault and Kevin Reid from Issue Dynamics Inc. (IDI), a DC-based public affairs firm, invited us to attend an excellent presentation and guided tour of Second Life, providing an overview, debunking myths, and even offering some innovative strategies for nonprofits to tap into the 8.3 million total (500,000 active monthly) residents of Second Life. 

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Grantmakers Dive Into Web 2.0

geo_logo.gifIf Web 2.0 was a local swimming pool, nonprofits would be the older kids hanging out by the diving boards while grantmakers still paddled around the shallow end.  Increasingly, however, grantmakers are swimming towards the deep end of Web 2.0, using social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, online video, and text messaging to accomplish their own goals.

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NPower Greater DC Region Technology Innovation Award

Npower.jpgIf your nonprofit is a 501(c)3  and meets some other basic criteria, you can apply for a an Innovation Award and win up to $43,000 in cash, technologoy consulting, hardware and software.  Accenture and NPower Greater DC Region have teamed up to provide this exciting opportunity.  Don't miss the Septemeber 7th, deadline.  Apply today and learn more here.