NPower Greater DC Region Technology Innovation Award

Npower.jpgIf your nonprofit is a 501(c)3  and meets some other basic criteria, you can apply for a an Innovation Award and win up to $43,000 in cash, technologoy consulting, hardware and software.  Accenture and NPower Greater DC Region have teamed up to provide this exciting opportunity.  Don't miss the Septemeber 7th, deadline.  Apply today and learn more here.


Get a Google Earth Pro License for Free!

earth.jpgGoogle's new Google Earth Pro outreach grant is an important step toward bringing mapping technology to the nonprofit world. Visit Google to learn more:


Building a Successful Internet Presence

NPTimes just ran a great article featuring tips from Harry Lynch, CEO of Sanky Commmunications and Paul Habig, director of Internet Services at SankyNet.

Topics covered:

  • Leveraging demographics
  • Retaining donors
  • Harnessing email
  • Synchronizing media
  • Acquiring new donors
Here are some highlights to tempt you into reading further...

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CASE STUDY: Marine Conservation Group Wins Victory with Care2

The Challenge:
In the closing weeks of the 110th Congress in late 2006, lawmakers were readying for a vote on legislation that would weaken protection of key fish populations in U.S. waters. The Marine Fish Conservation Network (MFCN), a coalition of over 190 organizations dedicated to ocean conservation, wanted to educate members of Congress and ask them to reject proposals that might do irreparable harm to several fish species. MFCN decided to mount a swift, targeted campaign mobilizing many thousands of citizens to contact their representatives and urge them to cast a vote to protect fish. At the same time, MFCN hoped that the campaign also would serve a second purpose, namely, to identify people who might become loyal donors in support of MFCN’s vital work.

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Biggest Bang for Your Buck


A promising study by Marketing Sherpa shows online campaign increases ROI by 30% as compared to direct mail.

Challenge:  Recruit walkers to commit at least $95 to participate in a 3-day event to raise money to fight breast cancer.  Keep your cost down and response rates high in order to maximize your ROI.

What do you do?

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How to Maximize Impact of Nonprofit Newsletters

masthead_13.gif For your nonprofit's latest newsletter, you spent hours checking the links, making sure the fonts were consistent, and finding just the right image of a cute panda that'll make any potential donor's heart melt.  Now, the only problem is you have to fight for their attention amid an inbox full of Blockbuster overdue notices, sales, and scam business opportunities from Nigeria.  How can you compete?

M&R Strategic Services thinks they've found the answer in their latest report, titled "Digging Into eNewsletters," on what nonprofits can do to "maximize the likelihood that their eNewsletters will be opened, read, and clicked on."  No matter how much killer content you have, if people aren't looking at, it's doing you no good.

Read the tips from the report after the break, but make sure to check out the full PDF article to look at all the data behind it.  It's worth it!

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Live From New York: 2007 DMA Nonprofit Federation Conference

Lessons for Non-profits from the Corporate World 

by Karen Taggart, Director of Nonprofit Services, Care2 

515229-962067-thumbnail.jpgI’ve always believed that one of the best ways to predict the future trends in nonprofit direct marketing is to look at what is going on in the corporate world right now.  Because many

corporations have significantly more resources to dedicate to their marketing programs, they are often a few steps ahead of us in terms of new strategies and innovations – both successful and unsuccessful.

One of today’s sessions at the DMA Nonprofit Federation Conference in NYC focused on just that.

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