The Future of Online Tools: Integration

tate-hausman.jpgThe Internet revolution's promise to progressive organizers (more constituents, more dollars, more effective campaigns) hasn't been fulfilled.

So What's the Problem?
According to the dotOrganize survey, the #1 universal complaint about progressive technology is that our tools don't interoperate. Individual tools work, but they don't work together. We have good tools, but not good toolsuites.

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Text ya' later

Source: Flickr Creative Commons. By iJavier

Get those thumbs in shape.  SMS , short message services, messages or text messages as you might know them, are taking the world by storm.  Now some of you are probably questioning this statement.  I'll cut you a little slack too if all you think sending a quick message to a friend is the only use for a text message.  That's understandable considering the United States is way behind the texting world.  You might also be telling yourself, sure text messages seem to be popular, but how can you say they are taking the world by storm?  Just consider this.  In 2000, roughly 17 billion SMS messages were sent.  In 2010 it is estimated people worldwide will send 2.3 trillion SMS messages.   If you ask me, that's a lot of finger tappin'.

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Case Study in Collaboration: Youth Policy Action Center

YPAC.jpgJust wanted to let y'all know that Care2 has a great new partnership with Youth Policy Action Center (YPAC) - check out the amazing work they're doing with 100 nonprofits dedicated to mobilizing support for forward-thinking youth investment policies.

YPAC is an umbrella group formed by the Forum for Youth Investment, and a few organizations who won Capitol Advantage's Youth Civic Engagement Award in 2004.  The Forum convened these groups and they agreed to work together to do what no single organization could do on their own - build a large online audience for action on youth policy.  Capitol Advantage iced the cake by donating the software to run the site.

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Citizen Journalism: Care2 Member Scoops Mainstream Media

We took great satisfaction in reading in a USA Today article today that it was not legendary investigative reporters Seymour Hersh or Michael Issikoff or even Matt Drudge who broke the latest major story about the Bush Administration's most recent attempt to thwart terrorists at the expense of Americans' civil liberties. Rather, it was a Care2 member, posting in our own Care2 News Network back on December 28th, who broke this major national story.

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Care2 Stats for December 2006


The following stats are all year to date in 2006:

Care2's Current Membership:   6,857,448
New Care2 Memberships:   1,676,210 Pageviews:   694,977,328
Total Newsletters Sent:    245,377,831

Check out some of the results from Care2's Action Alert campaigns over the past year.

Mobile Social Networks Get a Boost

In the world of social networks, the end of 2006 represented a major milestone: MySpace went mobile! The deal between MySpace and Cingular was announced on December 18th when the service went live.  With more than 130 million user profiles on record, MySpace’s announcement gave a major boost to the larger trend of social networks going mobile. The new service allows users to make blog entries and comments, send and receive emails via their MySpace page, upload photos from their cellphones, and view or search for friends (videos will be supported sometime in 2007).

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New Studies Reveal Important Trends Facing NPOs

Nonprofits are doing well and they are getting better at using e-mail. At least that is the conclusion of two separate reports released by MarketingSherpa and Guidestar.

Guidestar's fifth anual Nonprofit Economic Survey measures the demand for services of NPOs of all sizes. In total, Guidestar tracked 3,820 individuals from more than 1,371 charitable organizations. The survey, which took place between October 9 and 23, 2006, revealed a three year trend of increased contributions to NPOs (both small and large) and in all areas of the country.  Specifically, 72% of respondents said demand grew for the services of their organizations. Interestingly, some sectors were surprisingly bucking this positive trend.

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