Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Interview With Katya Andresen

Our friends at Vosica, posted a great interview of Katya Andresen.  Given our recent post about the best use of celebrities for nonprofit campaigns, be sure to read this.


Tim Fullerton on Second Life: All Hype, Little Substance

timfullerton.jpgAfter hearing Tim Fullerton on a panel at NTEN, I became a big fan.  His blog recently featured his take on Second Life.  Check it out.  You may surprised by what you read.

The Wonderful World of A/B Testing

If you’ve ever felt torn between two brilliant designs for an email or Web page layout, you know how it feels to wish for some way to know which one is better—which one will put more smiles on faces of email members and Web page visitors? If only there were a way to find out…. well, we bring good news! A/B testing is a method of evaluating the effectiveness of a Web site by measuring the response it generates among viewers. This technique is a fantastic way to sustain and increase the profile of any successful nonprofit organization. It works by measuring the attraction and retention of members, advocates, and online donors.

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Seats Still Available for the Internet Advocacy Roundtable

Internet_Advocacy_Center.gifAllan Rosenblatt's fantastic Internet Advocacy Roundtable still has seats available for the April 24th event.  The speaker is Katrin Verclas of Mobile Active and NTEN.

When: Thursday, April 26, Noon-2:00PM
Where: Care2 Offices, 1100 15th. St. NW, Suite 600, Washington, D.C. 200o5
Cost: $60, lunch included

Check out the details and RSVP.


How to Leverage Celebrities for Fundraising

Understanding what attracts donors is vital to effectively appealing to an existing donor base or to expand the base. Some prominent celebrities in the nonprofit world are Bono (One Campaign), Mary Tyler Moore (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation), Bon Jovi (Philadelphia Soul Charitable Foundation), and Michael J. Fox (Foundation for Parkinson’s Research). The prominence of celebrity spokespeople would lead one to think that celebrities are extremely influential in attracting donors. But, how can we be so sure about this?

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New Trend Emerging in Deceptive List Growth?

Several weeks ago I noticed the first of what might be a growing trend of adding email address to a mailing list without allowing the user to choose whether to opt-in or opt-out of the list.

The first instance of this I noticed was a flash-based online petition being run by a presidential candidate's campaign in a popular site's BlogAds. I had never noticed a "signable" petition in the BlogAds, and signed it to satisfy my curiosity for how it worked. I presumed that after entering my email address and pressing submit I would be taken to a page to complete a form with my name and be given an opt-in/opt-out for the candidates email list. Surprisingly, that did not happen, and I was just thanked for signing the petition right there in the ad. Not surprisingly, I began receiving emails from this candidate.

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Update to the Nonprofit Job Boards Section

I just added two new resources to the Nonprofit Job Boards section.  One came from Erin Carmany of the Feminist Majority Foundation and one came from Jill Murphy of the DMA Nonprofit Federation.  Big thanks to Erin and Jill for sending us the info!