Some Great Citizen Journalism Links

amyportrait.jpgMembers of the Care2 team visited the good folks at the Green Media Toolshed for a wonderful training session on citizen journalism.  Amy Gahran - a conversational media consultant, content strategist, and freelance writer/editor - showed us some really cool sites about the exciting, ever-developing world of citizen journalism that we wanted to share with you, our Frog Loop readers.

What is citizen journalism? 
Tips for working with citizen journalists 
Citizen journalism resources 
How audiences shape the future of new and information 

Some sites that feature citizen journalism:
Care2 News Network
World Changing 
Social Edge 

coComment - a neat tool for tracking your conversations on blogs 

All of Amy's blogs:
Right Conversation
Poynter Online 
Boulder Carbon Tax Tracker 


Care2 in the Press: Dawn Gets Greener With Care2

Excerpt:  Two new developments from the Redwood City, CA-based site will help its members--reportedly 7 million strong--live sustainable lifestyles and raise awareness of breaking environmental news. GREEN MEANS GO FOR ADVERTISERS like Dawn, Ford and P&G, as environmentally conscious social media site has expanded its community offerings.  Check out the full article.


Sunny the Seal Melts Hearts on MySpace

Screenshot_1.jpgCarie Lewis of the Humane Society recently shared with us some lessons learned about branding and list recruitment from their unique MySpace campaign against clubbing baby seals.  In addition to having an organizationl profile on MySpace, HSUS ventured onto the site for this specific campaign as "Sunny the Seal" and in the process discovered some great approaches for grabbing attention:

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New M+R Study: Online Fundraising Tactics -- What Works?

MandR_Logo.gifKaren Matheson and Eve Fox of M+R Strategic Services recently reviewed over 180 fundraising appeals sent out over the course of 2006. If you're currently experimenting with different messaging tactics and need some guidance, this study is a great place to start your research.
This study tracked nine major nonprofits across four tactic categories:

  • Multiple appeal series
  • Deadline-driven appeals
  • Matching gift appeals
  • Dollar goal appeals
The results and recommendations are published here:

Join Care2 for Another Internet Advocacy Roundtable!

jonah.gifIs your advocacy campaign’s story compelling? Engaging? Does it make people want to donate or does it make them want to yawn?

Find out at Alan Rosenblatt's Internet Advocacy Roundtable hosted by Care2! Jonah Sachs and Susan Finkelpearl of Free Range Studios, one of the world’s leading susan.gifonline advocacy shops, will tell you how to bring in more dollars and fewer snores with your campaigns. With a fantastic narrative, your campaign is well on its way to mobilizing citizens to action and getting them to embrace your policy goal.

When: Thursday, May 17, 2007, Noon-2:00 pm
Where: Care2/Oxfam Offices, 1100 15th Street, NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC
Cost: $60, lunch included
Speakers: Jonah Sachs and Susan Finkelpearl, Free Range Studios

RSVP now, space is limited!


Survey Says: Nonprofits Fail to Track Marketing Impact

nancy2.jpgWhile more than 55% of nonprofits are frustrated by lack of resources and leadership support for marketing, only 37% do the tracking that generates increased budgets and confidence.  Nancy Schwartz, our friend from the Getting Attention blog, informed us about this just-released study that questioned 350 nonprofits about their marketing initiatives.

The survey supported the concern that nonprofits fail to maximize their marketing potential.  You can check out the rest of the survey results here (pdf).  Thanks Nancy!


Becoming Upwardly Mobile

Imagine a catchy cell phone ring tone lauding your organization’s greatness, or heralding your favorite cause. Now imagine that ring tone singing out from the pockets and purses of millions of cell phone users around the world. Such is the mobile utopia described by Katrin Verclas of Katrin shared some kernels of wisdom from her online mobile activism wonderland at this afternoon’s Internet Advocacy Roundtable. The mobile expert and strategist explained how nonprofits can use cell phone technology to organize, mobilize, motivate and inspire through a delightful array of tech-savvy techniques.

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