What Social Network Demographics Mean for You


The always excellent Beth Kanter tipped us on this interesting post from the blog  that demonstrates the overlap that exists between users of social networking sites.

How is this valuable?  Well,  theoretically, if you believe MySpace is a place for donors, your presence there also reaches 64% of Facebook users, 65% of Bebo, and 69% of Hi5.   As you can no doubt gather, you might not need to invest valuable time and resources into all four, because a lot of the audience is redundant.

So, which one social network should you consider for your next campaign?  Beth points us to a great post on Read/Write Web about some demographics information on the users of the different networks.

Choose wisely and, as always, make sure it's worth it.


Notes from Care2/OneWorld/Interaction Fundraising Seminar

Thanks to everyone who sponsored, presented, attended, and called in to today's brown bag session.  A special thanks goes out to today's speakers: Suzanne Rainey and Andrew Cohen from Forum One Communications and Hillary Zwerdling with M&R Strategic Services.  You can check out a wrap up of their presentations by clicking here.

 Also, we'd like to give a shout out to the wonderful people at and Interaction who also sponsored today's event.

 If you couldn't make it or call in, click through for some of the great takeaways.

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A Procrastinator's Guide to Year-End Fundraising

snowflakes.JPGIt's November, crunch time for nonprofit fundraisers looking to cash in on some of the Yuletide cheer of the giving season.  Sure, you wanted to be ahead of the game, but you got tied up rockin' out on Monkey Island in Second Life.  Now, you need a surefire strategy to get you those key last minute donations.

If this is you, then "A Procrastinator's Guide to Year-End Fundraising" is a must-read on how to make up for the lost time.  Care2's very own Eric Rardin and Heather Holdridge, along with Mark Rovner and Sarah Haug of Sea Change Strategies, give you a crash course based on best available wisdom on how to design your web presence to maximize giving and broadly how to connect with new supportsers, and communicate year-round to foster the best possible relationships with donors.

 With as many as 98 percent of visitors to an organizaiton's donate page leaving before making a donation, the gang offers concerte action steps for increasing the percentage of visitors to your donate page who actually complete a gift.

Using their advice, you can make sure that the night before Christmas your potential donors' nerves aren't a-jangle, and they make that critical donation.

Click here to download the guide.

Nov082007 A Place for Donors?

MySpace: A Place for Donors?

Post co-authored by James O'Malley and Justin Perkins.

With estimates up to 200 million members globally and 12% of all internet traffic, MySpace certainly earns the title of the "top dog" of social networks. Despite the more recent shift of attention to Facebook in the past 6 months by the nonprofit community, there are still remnants of a goldrush by nonprofits over the last year to build a presence on the uber-popular site. But was there ever any gold? And is there any left?  And what is the optimum combination of videos, pictures, text, friends, and other widgets? And is it even worth it?

Á la our Causes analysis awhile ago, we examined 150 nonprofit profiles on MySpace to see which functions people were using, how those features were working, and how much money their profiles were raising.

Whether you've stacked your profile with all the cool widgets, videos, and badges or you're still trying to figure out who "Tom" is, read on to learn what others are doing and how you can maximize your MySpace, or see if you even want to spend your time there.

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Five Tips for Online Fundraisers from a Direct Mail Dinosaur

Karen_Taggart.jpgI'll admit it.  I am a direct mail dinosaur now disguising myself as a hip online marketer.  Everyone was going to find out one of these days, so I figured it was best to blow my own cover.

That said, the longer I work in the online world the more I realize how much of old-school, direct mail techniques are applicable to online marketing.  

While there are several elements of communication that are different between the two channels, I offer the following five tips to online fundraisers from a direct mail dinosaur:

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Care2 Helps in Law of the Sea Win

Logo-CGS2.gifCongratulations to Citizens for Global Solutions in their big victory – helping push the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to vote in favor of sending the Law of the Sea Treaty to the full Senate for possible ratification. 

This is a huge step forward for ocean conservation and international law. Care2 was honored to play a part in this effort, in partnership with CGI, by mobilizing thousands of Care2's civically active members to send emails to their senators in support of the treaty. Once again, Care2's members proved that they "make a difference!"


$100,000 Grant: Polls Still Open in the Peace Primary

vote_peace_button.gifWith over 200,000 votes counted and less than a left week to go, Ploughshares Fund’s Peace Primary is in high gear.   Twelve organizations focused on peace and human security are appealing to their constituents to vote early and often, in a bid to win the grand prize of a $100,000 grant from Ploughshares Fund.  Currently in the lead as of Wednesday afternoon are:

  1. True Majority
  2. American Friends Service Committee
  3. Union of Concerned Scientists
  4. Refugees International

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