Care2 Helps in Law of the Sea Win

Logo-CGS2.gifCongratulations to Citizens for Global Solutions in their big victory – helping push the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to vote in favor of sending the Law of the Sea Treaty to the full Senate for possible ratification. 

This is a huge step forward for ocean conservation and international law. Care2 was honored to play a part in this effort, in partnership with CGI, by mobilizing thousands of Care2's civically active members to send emails to their senators in support of the treaty. Once again, Care2's members proved that they "make a difference!"


$100,000 Grant: Polls Still Open in the Peace Primary

vote_peace_button.gifWith over 200,000 votes counted and less than a left week to go, Ploughshares Fund’s Peace Primary is in high gear.   Twelve organizations focused on peace and human security are appealing to their constituents to vote early and often, in a bid to win the grand prize of a $100,000 grant from Ploughshares Fund.  Currently in the lead as of Wednesday afternoon are:

  1. True Majority
  2. American Friends Service Committee
  3. Union of Concerned Scientists
  4. Refugees International

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Convio Open: How API's May Change the Way You Work


Sam_Heywood.jpgRecently, two of the CRM players, Kintera and Convio unveiled new tools to help nonprofits benefit from Application Programming Interfaces (API's), a powerful open platform technology. Other providers, such as Blackbaud may follow their lead.

As I learned from attending the just completed Convio Summit in Austin, Texas, a discussion about API's and databases fotunately doesn't have to be technical. It's basically about storing and retrieving information. If you've ever kept a list of information in Excel, you will be relieved to know that under the hood, even the most sophisticated database contains tables that look exactly like a simple list in Excel - with rows and columns of data.

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Convio Innovator Awards

Convio Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Vinay Baghat gave out “Innovator Awards” to eight Convio client organizations that had notable achievements in the past year.

Care2 congratulates all of the winners, and notes proudly that six of the eight winning nonprofits are clients of Care2, and that several of the winning campaigns included promotion to Care2 members as one of the components of the overall campaign.

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Live from Convio Summit 2007

This morning at the Convio Client Summit in Austin, Texas, the opening session (sponsored by Care2, by the way) consisted mainly of the keynote speech by Convio CEO Gene Austin.
Some highlights…

  • Austin noted that Convio now has almost 1,300 clients, after the acquisition of GetActive earlier this year. These nonprofit clients collectively have raised more than $1 billion over the years, using tools provided by Convio and GetActive, he said.
  • Austin’s main themes were: Integration with GetActive; new “Open” initiative; and Convio’s upcoming IPO

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Take the M+R Online Monthly Giving Survey

MandR_Logo.gifWouldn't you love to know more about monthly giving?  That’s why our friends over at M+R have decided to take an in-depth look at nonprofit online monthly giving (a.k.a. sustainer/recurring) – and they want to include YOU in their short and easy survey of nonprofit organizations.

Help us (and the progressive community) better understand the current trends and strategies employed in online monthly giving programs by taking this short survey. All individual answers will be kept confidential.

Results of the survey will be shared in M+R’s upcoming study which will also include data they’ve gathered about online monthly giving metrics.

Thanks so much for your participation.

Feel free to contact Karen Matheson at with any questions or requests for a copy of the study when it comes out in November.


Mastering Integrated Marketing: Interview with Jessica Grounds

Jessica_better_photo.gifI recently had a chance to interview Jessica Grounds, Senior Strategist at Stones’ Phones, on her experience with integrated communications strategies.

Jessica's firm Stones’ Phones, a political phone consulting outfit, along with Bates Neimand, a political direct-mail firm, and Advocacy Inc, a political online consulting firm, were hired by a major labor union to create an integrated paid communications plan.  They were commissioned to design and execute a $5 Million program to target and persuade infrequent voting single women to vote for John Kerry for President.

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