Online Branding Takeaways

menu_01.gifYet another fantastic Internet Advocacy Roundtable took place at the Care2/Oxfam offices!  Thanks to Alan Rosenblatt for hosting and Michael Bassik and Emily Williams from MSHC Partners and Daphne Schwab from The New York Times for presenting their takes on online branding.

If you missed this month's Roundtable, sign up for the frogloop Nonprofit Events Google Calendar to make sure you don't miss another!  You can catch up with the all the action in the next couple of days as it's posted here, or, if you can't wait, here's some great takeaways right now:

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NetSquared Meetup Roundup

net2-logo.gifBig thanks to Matt Stempeck from EchoDitto, Affinity LabsLuke Warren, and CODEPINK for their parts in the Tuesday, June 19 NetSquared Meetup group (NetSquared home site)!  The night's theme was Pimp My Nonprofit as the wonderful ladies from CODEPINK shared their website with the group. 

Jodie Evans, Dana Balicki, and Rae Abileah bravely put their CODEPINK logo_tilt_small_1.gifwebsite up to the scrutiny of some of DC's best online marketing minds.  Group members offered helpful suggestions for the team on ways to improve their site.

Here's some highlights of the evening that can help you pimp your own nonprofit's website!

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Blogroll's Best, June 15 Edition

In case you haven't been zealously tracking our blog roll on Google Reader like us, we did all the scrolling for you to bring you the best of the blog roll from the past few weeks.  In no particular order...


Colin Delany

How Nonprofits Can Benefit from the Google/Salesforce Partnership

Donor Power Blog

Jeff Brooks

Children or Professionals: Who Communicates Better?

Getting Attention

Nancy Schwartz

I'm In Love...with Google Analytics

Katya's Non-Profit Marketing Blog: Getting to the Point

Katya Andresen

Why Me? Why Now? What for?


Vlinks: The Web's Best Video Sharing, Vlogging, and Resources

youtubeand.jpgYou've heard of YouTube.  You've heard of...well, have you heard of anyone else?  Believe it or not, YouTube is not the be all end all of video hosting sites.  Competition is here and in a serious way.

Rather than join the ranks of the hundreds of other blog entries introducing and comparing these other sites, we'll just give you the links to some of the best around the 'Net.  Not only that, but here's also some help with how your nonprofit can use these great video hosting sites. 

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Care2 Featured in "Greenvertising" Report

thomases.hollis.gifCare2 was mentioned in a fantastic article from Hollis Thomases at ClickZ!  Hollis's post explains why green advertising, or "greenvertising," is becoming increasingly important for companies who are trying to reach a mainstream audience. 

Sure enough, she lists Care2 as a great place for advertisers to reach a "truly qualified audience of influencers" - a "potent buy" as she calls it.  We happen to agree with her. ;O)  Thanks Hollis!


Cultivate, Educate or Activate? Converting Subscribers to Donors

[originally published DMAW AdVents, June 2007]

It is no secret in direct mail (DM) that recency is key to successful fundraising.  We all send appeals to donors who have just given and would never even consider prospecting to rented lists full of old names.

So how to do we take this long-standing DM lesson and apply it to our growing email lists?  What is the best strategy for converting new email subscribers into donating members?

Not surprisingly, a 2005 study conducted by Informz showed that click-through rates dropped noticeably 30 days after the name was acquired and even more drastically after 60 days.  Clearly this indicates the importance of contacting new online subscribers as soon as possible.  But how soon, exactly?  And what should that contact look like?  Is it better to cultivate the new email subscriber before asking for the first gift?  Or, is it more effective to cut to the chase and make the initial contact a direct fundraising ask?

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Free Range: The Art of Story Telling

store_wars_poster_rgb.jpgThanks to everyone who attended today's Internet Advocacy Roundtable on storytelling!  In particular, a big thanks goes out to Alan Rosenblatt for hosting yet another fantastic event and Jonah Sachs and Susan Finkelpearl from Free Range Studios for speaking.

 Attendees enjoyed free food while Jonah and Susan presented not only some of Free Range's work, but also offered several great tips for crafting a compelling, evoking story for any nonprofits' causes.   Using several of their own pieces (such as the big hit Store Wars, The Meatrix, Friends with Low Wages, Hybrid vs. Hummer), the duo reminded everyone about the five key characters in the common myth:

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