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Beware: Facebook Tab Engagement Down 53%

The next time a board member or consultant says to you, “Hey how come we don’t do more with Facebook Tabs to promote our campaigns," show them this data. Since Facebook introduced Timeline, brands engagement using Tabs has gone way down. Prior to Timeline, organizations spent a lot of money and resources on Facebook tabs as a way to interact with their fans. But Facebook has changed the game and decided that Tabs are not their focus anymore in terms of UX (usability).

According to PageLever, who looked at 500 brand pages that had more then 10K fans each, tab engagement has decreased by 53% since Timline rolled out. Yikes!

Take a look at the chart below.

Mashable, who broke this story, said that organizations on Facebook can try to address this by ensuring “that content remains more evergreen by pinning posts to the top of a Page rather than relegating it to a tab, as they might have before.”

Has your nonprofits experienced a similar drop off? Drop us a line in the comments.

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