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An Organizer's Unconference

With the taillights of Election 2012 now at a comfortable distance, Progressives have a lot to buzz about -- what went well, what could've gone better, and what lessons can be learned from this election cycle to build an advantage in the next. While many of these conversations are already heard from political pundits and campaign strategists, where it really counts is when the organizers themselves gather together and hash out ideas, give feedback, share best practices, and renew their plans for victory.

This is all set to happen at this week's New Organizing Institute (NOI)'s RootsCamp National 2012 unconference (Nov 30th and Dec 1st, here in D.C.) -- a mecca of sorts for the organizer faithful. And with an expected 2,000 attendees, dozens upon dozens of impromptu sessions, as well as a bustling career fair, this year's event is set to build substantially on previous years' efforts.

RootsCamp was the first "unconference" I ever attended, and it pretty much sold me on the unconference model and how it sparked earnest, passionate, spontaneous discussion among a variety of players. There is a real energy there, unlike any other event, and leaves you with this enchanted feeling that you're seeing exactly where the rubber meets the road.

The Care2 Team has sponsored and attended RootsCamp for years and always leaves impressed with the experience. I asked some of my teammates to also share a few words about their experience at this event:


I attended RootsCamp last year for the first time and was impressed by the energy, passion and enthusiasm of the organizers and participants.  The sessions, although seemingly organized on the fly in the unconference style, were very thoughtful and informative.   I met some great people who are doing great things in the world.  It was one of the best conferences I attended last year.

-Molly Connors, Director of Nonprofit Services


RootsCamp is full of excited and inspiring advocacy campaigners -- all from the Progressive movement. It's a fun event attended by a lot of Care2 clients and the "unconference" format ensures that it's never dull. Care2 is very much a proud member of this tribe of people who are trying to change the world, and that's why we look forward to this event each year.

-Clint O'Brien, VP Nonprofit Services


Last year was my first RootsCamp and I loved it. It's a high energy, well organized gathering of activists sharing best practices and ideas with each other. And, it's great for networking!

-Ashley Hansen, Director of Nonprofit Services



RootsCamp brings together some of the smartest most dedicated organizers around. The energy, passion and creativity of the participants is really inspiring.

-Eric Rardin, Senior Director of Nonprofit Services



You can register here for the RootsCamp National Unconference (November 30th - December 1st) and sign up here to attend a free RootsCamp Caucus Day event (Thursday, November 29th).


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