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The Scoop on the New and Improved Google Analytics

Do you use Google Analytics? If so, get ready for a new, redesigned version that is packed with some great features and analytics. You will now receive all of your information concerning your reports in real-time streaming, a feature many of us have been waiting on for years. For example, you will now be able to see how many active visitors are on your site at that very moment, what platform they are using to view the site and if they are using a mobile device? You'll now have access to see what kind of mobile device, and even click a camera icon to see how your site appears on their particular device. Pretty cool.

Google Analytics reported that people have shared that they've had difficulties using traditional path analysis tools. To meet the needs of the visitors, Google Analytics is now introducing Flow Visualization. This tool enables users to see a "Visitors Flow" and a "Goal Flow."

Let's break down the Flow Visualization a bit more: a visitors flow will allow you to see an interactive graphical representation of your viewer's journey on your website:  where did they begin and what was their stopping point before exiting the site? This breakdown of data will let you determine just how successful and engaging portions of your website are, and determine how people got to each particular page--was it a google search? A link from a blog post? The Goal Flow, on the other hand, helps you to understand the dynamics of your site. As Google Analytics explains, the Goal Flow visualizer will facilitate a comprehensive plan about:

  • The relative volume of visits to your site by the dimension you choose (e.g. traffic source, campaign, browser)
  • The rates at which visitors abandon different pathways
  • Where and how visitors navigate each of the steps that you defined
  • How the visitors interacted with your site, including backtracking to previous goal steps

Another great feature that Google Analytics (V5) is offering is the ability to use events as goals. This will allow you to track more types of interactions as goals. In the past, when you created a Goal, you would have 3 options to categorize your goal, and now the 4th option is “Event.” With this 4th option, you will be able to easily track user behavior that didn't initiate a pageview. Blast Advanced Media explores some of the site interactions that you will now be able to track with events as goals (though some of these options require additional tracking code setup):

  • printing pages
  • emailing to friends
  • liking your site on Facebook
  • tweeting your site on Twitter
  • sharing your site on LinkedIn
  • bookmarking on Delicious & Digg
  • listening to audio
  • watching videos
  • using site tools (such as calculators, quizzes, etc)
  • downloading PDFs
  • commenting
  • rating
  • requesting a shipping quote
  • clicking the add to cart button
  • interacting with a slideshow (such as the rotating content on many home pages)


All of these new, fun options that Google Analytics is offering will enhance your website. You will instantly be able to see what's working and what needs to be tweaked. If you already have Google Analytics set up, the update will soon be activated in your account. Check out the Google Analytics blog to stay on top of the newest tools and exciting changes.

How do you think the new Google Analytics will change your life?

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