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"Care2 has been a valuable partner in recent years, enabling NPCA to more than triple our activist outreach."

-Tom Kiernan
Executive Director
National Parks Conservation Association

media partner network

Wouldn't you love to have your nonprofit campaign featured
on these well-known media sites?


And wouldn't you love it if visitors to those sites took immediate action on your cause...?


...and even signed up for your email list?



This is all possible--with Care2's Media Partner Network.


Launched in 2010, our Media Partner Network expands your reach exponentially by broadcasting your campaign across like-minded websites that have passionate audiences and 'Do-Gooder' visitors, just like Care2 does.

From the small blog to the mainstream media portal, our Partner Network has broadly extended the reach of Care2's campaigns, bringing nonprofit actions to an audience of over 150 million people.  Major sites such as Talking Points Memo, Technorati, Mother Jones, Grist, TreeHugger, Alternet, Ms. Magazine, eNature,, LinkTV, and Daily Kos are all members of our Partner Network, meaning that your petition could be displayed in line with the usual content on these well known, heavily trafficked sites.


The best part? Care2's Media Partner Network is 100% free; it's built into every new Care2 campaign. Your organization and campaign get a huge boost of branding and exposure with zero boost in cost.

Want to try out the Care2 widget here? Go ahead and sign it! You can even post it for free on your own website. Just grab this widget's code above -- or better yet: start your own petition, and once it's launched choose 'Share,' and then 'Get the Widget' code. Drop the code into your website and voila! Instant advocacy, straight from your homepage!