Low Cost Email List Management

Our friend Colin Delany recently posted an excellent review of low cost email list mangement tools on his epolitics blog.  He's identified 12 of the top resources and he's even included some summary notes to help guide you along the way.


Plenty of Praise: The Power of a Shared Mission

plenty_mag_logo.jpgSuppose you care about the environment but you want some company.  You want to feel like you're part of a larger community.  Where do you go to find that community?  For Ted Casselman, Cindy Minde and millions more, the answer was found online.  Take a look at this interesting article from Plenty Magazine to learn more.

In case you haven't heard of it, Plenty is devoted to the "green revolution." Offering a digital version of the magazine is just one of the ways they practice what they preach. True to their mission, for the print edition they use 30% post consumer recycled paper and 70% sustainably harvested wood pulp. 


Party With Care2

Thanks for joining us at the Care2 Open House Party!  We had a blast and we hope you enjoyed yourself and met some cool people.

If you liked the food at the open house, you can thank Blair Cirlin and her team at Fresh Start Catering, a nonprofit service of D.C. Central Kitchen. If you liked the music, you can thank Justin, because it was his idea! But seriously, Mariachi Los Toros can be reached at Photography was provided by the very talented Joe Shymanski, a local artist who also features his work at Eastern Market.

I was very honored to be able to share such good times with you all. If you have any suggestions for ways to make our next open house even more enjoyable, please don't hesitate to let me know. I welcome your feedback.


Do Email Silences Matter?

My good friend Eve Fox over at M+R just gave me the heads up about an article she and her colleague Karen Matheson  wrote called "Do Email Silences Matter?".  Though the sample size is small, which they readily admit, the article goes a long way to quantify the damage done by lapses in constituent e-mail communication, something I hadn't seen before.  Below are the key paragraphs summarizing the results.

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Cutting through the Noise

Nonprofit communications professionals need to get their message across and they know they have to compete to make that happen.  Of course that competetition is apparently quite fierce.  By some estimates, the average consumer is innundated with about 1 million messages annually.  If you do the math, that comes to about 3000 messages per day

And these messages are seemingly everywhere.  From the moment you wake up to the radio and open the day's paper, you're bombarded with messaging.  Don't turn on your tv or your computer, they're definitely full force.  You certainly can't escape them when you step out the door to begin your morning commute, they're on billboards, buses and store fronts along the way to work.  If you've seen a blimp lately, you'll know that advertising is now plastered there too.  Someday ads might even orbit over our heads in space.

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It is Time to Join the Mouth Revolution

frog-mouth-small.jpgIf you have always considered yourself a true revolutionary, it's about time you open wide for The Mouth Revolution.  Free Range Studios created this innovative movement, sponsored by Annie's Homegrown, to promote organic food consumption and the elimination of conventional pesticides, chemicals and additives that are making mouths and other important body parts unhappy.  If you've seen the Grocery Store Wars and The Meatrix, then you've experienced the trademark goofy-yet-educational approach Free Range uses to spread its message.  The one-of-a-kind graphic design company prides itself in having Amnesty International and Clif Bar as its valued customers, offering "communication and strategy services to companies and organizations whose vision goes beyond turning the world into a strip mall."

Free Range's latest movement debuts in a 5-minute video packed to the cheeks with delicious Mouthist propaganda.    If you've noticed your chops acting insolent lately, the mini mockumentary will offer some amusing explanations for your troubles.  Afficionados of wacky humor and healthy eating will sympathize with upside-down mouths proclaiming a new "Mouthifesto" in multinational accents, demolishing American fast food  icons (with their teeth, of course), and marching on the White House to change America's eating habits. Sound appetizing? Strap a little beret on your chin and join "Mouth-hatma Ghandi" and "Mouth-colm X" in their jubilant cries of "Power to the pie holes!"

Apparently, the moutholuci├│n will be televised...


Cracking the Digg Homepage

jcolman.jpgBy Jonathan D. Colman, rpcv, Senior Manager and Web Evangelista, Digital Marketing, The Nature Conservancy

I recently made a post on Digg that became "popular" (in Digg parlance) and was elevated to the Digg homepage earlier this week. I want to deconstruct that effort a bit, share some tips on using Digg for online marketing, and ask a few questions of the list. For those who want to start the weekend early by jumping right to the good stuff, scroll all the way down to the list of "Related URLs" at the bottom of this note. :)

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