Presented by:
Ghazal Vaghedi, Engaging Networks
Elise Ledsinger, Humane Society Int'l
Eric Rardin, Care2
Ghazal Vaghedi of Engaging Networks
Elise Ledsinger of Humane Society International
Eric Rardin of Care2

Most online fundraising begins and ends with email. The vast majority of donations made online are in response to an email from the charity asking for a donation.

But many charities are skipping simple steps that can seriously boost response to email fundraising appeals!

Are you pre-populating donation forms, or making your prospects and donors re-enter their address every time they donate? Does the branding on your landing page match the branding in your email? Or do you use a generic landing page for all donation appeals? (Don’t worry, we’re here to help!)

Take a deep dive with us and learn tactics that you can use today to quickly improve results from your email fundraising appeals.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to boost your fundraising results through basic, but critical tactics like...
  • setting up pre-populated landing pages
  • conditional content in emails and landing pages
  • conditional content in emails and landing pages
  • timely list growth…and much more!



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